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self-development course

based on SoTA practices in cognitive sciences, AI, and engineering
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About the course

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required

Self-paced learning online course

2-3 months to complete (suggested pace of 10-15 hours/week)


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What is modern systems thinking? How does it help “hack reality” and fit into a complex and fast-paced environment? How do you update your brain firmware and start learning effectively? Each student will be able to answer these questions after completing the course.

The course emphasizes mastering complex intellectual disciplines such as systems thinking and ontology. They do not explicitly teach the role of the student. We affirm that the conscious use of the student’s practices will allow them to fulfill this role faster and more productively.

If you already understand that we have entered a digital era which requires lifelong learning, but you can not answer these questions for yourself: what and how to study, how to organize experience, how to gain confidence by increasing intelligence, this course is for you.

The course is designed for

Young professionals

Concerned about career guidance. Who are willing to articulate their ad-hoc educational trajectory and carry out a personal digital transformation.

Experienced professionals

Who want to update their intellect with new knowledge but have lost learning skills and wanted to update their student practices.


Unable to complete a lengthy course, and/or failed to complete our courses who wants to prepare before taking a Systems Thinking course.

What you will get from this course
in addition to being clear about how systems thinking will help you in life


The ability to enjoy learning, playing the role of a student and consciously managing their educational trajectory.


Notice and understand someone else's "picture of the world" - you can be noticeable due to the strength of intelligence, integrity and breadth of views.


Connecting the future with the present, reducing stress, the ability to live interestingly and productively invest time.

What practices you master during the course
  • Day-to-day scheduling
  • Systematic slow (metacognitive) reading
  • Thinking by writing
  • Role-based scheduling
  • Self-awareness (self-observation)
  • Association between needs, roles, systems and time
  • Working with Opportunities
  • Noticing ethical issues
  • Struggling difficult dialogues
  • Pomodoro (attention management)
  • Thinking by speaking
  • Role mastery (in terms of psychopractices)
  • Excluding “junk information” from your attention
  • Thinking while keeping the environment in mind
  • Research (Science frontier by personal interest)
  • Working with checklists
  • Commitments with high rates
Course Content

400+ text pages, including 12 chapters, homework assignments, comprehension questions, and additional materials’ references

  • Physical world and mental space
  • Training and time
  • Self-collectedness
  • Self-development stack
  • Role
  • Role-playing mastery
  • What is Systems Thinking
  • System
  • Systems Entrepreneurship
  • Systems Management
  • Ethics, compassion and responsibility
  • Personal strategizing
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Our Graduated Students
Open-endedness educational program

We provide our educational program for you to become
self-collected in mind and body and understand ontology, communication, and systems thinking.

EEM Institute is engaged in strengthening the intelligence of its students so that they can quickly navigate future projects and be successful.

We broaden our students horizons to a range of professional areas of interest including management, systems engineering, and entrepreneurship while showing how systems thinking forms the foundation for all of these professional topics. This will help you create and operate multi-disciplinary projects.

The program contains next courses:

Systems Self-development (this course)

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