Online course
The prerequisite to the System Thinking course

Introduction to Systems

Based on SoTA practices in cognitive sciences, psychology, and engineering
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About the course

Beginner Level

No degree or prior experience required

Self-paced learning online course

2-3 months to complete (suggested pace of 10-15 hours/week)


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This online course is the first step to the systems thinking methodology. We developed it after 35 regular classes in the Basic Systems Thinking course. We realized the complexity of the systems thinking concepts during the classes and created this prerequisite course. Here we take into account students’ typical errors and explicitly draw your attention to them.

We introduce the basic concepts of systems thinking and teach how they can be implemented in the case of self-, product, or project development.

After completing this course, you will know the fundamental concepts of systems thinking and learn how to highlight them as the objects of attention from the background. You will understand what abstract things stand out in any project or daily life activity. This will help you get rid of anxiety in the face of new and challenging situations and make the success of your enterprise more predictable.

What you will get from this course
in addition to being clear about how systems thinking will help you in life


Understanding of the strong interconnection between the entrepreneurial, engineering, and managerial areas of concern


Highlighting from the background essential for any project the objects of attention and operating them.


Viewing a complex project through the transdiscipline lens.

The course is designed for

Skilled professionals

who work in a complex environment and have to make sustainable decisions according to various stakeholders' needs


If you have finished our basic level courses, you are ready to get more

All interested

who want to understand the systems approach and test its power in their life and work projects

Course Content

300 text pages, including 12 Chapters, homework assignments, comprehension questions, and materials’ references

  • What is systems thinking and why does it matter to the modern person?
  • Roles and a successful system
  • Realization and definition of a system
  • Types of systems: system-of-interest, supra system, enabling systems, and other systems
  • System levels, enabling chain of systems, areas of concern
  • How to define a system
  • System modeling
  • Requirements and
  • Architecture
  • Life Cycle 2.0
  • Life Cycle Model and Practices
  • System diagram of a project
  • Final Essay
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Learning requirements

Time from 120 hours

A week will require at least 10-15 hours of independent work. If you do not have such an investment resource at the moment, postpone the course.


Delivered practices of composure and attention management. If you have not taken a long-term training in a long time, we recommend that you first take the course "Systems self-development"


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Our Graduated Students
Open-endedness educational program

We provide our educational program for you to become
self-collected in mind and body and understand ontology, communication, and systems thinking.

EEM Institute is engaged in strengthening the intelligence of its students so that they can quickly navigate future projects and be successful.

We broaden our students horizons to a range of professional areas of interest including management, systems engineering, and entrepreneurship while showing how systems thinking forms the foundation for all of these professional topics. This will help you create and operate multi-disciplinary projects.

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