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The Institute for Augmented Intelligence in Entrepreneurship, Engineering, and Management (EEM Institute) is engaged in strengthening its students’ intelligence so they can quickly navigate projects and be successful.

Our students attend online/offline training on all the courses we create and upgrade their thinking by using practices on adapting computers to manage memory and attention. Our graduates become collected in their minds and bodies and have a broad range of labor outlooks in management, systems engineering, and entrepreneurship through a new systems approach lens.

We build our education ideology from research on andragogy and artificial intelligence and teach the foundations of ontology, communication, and ethics. Our curriculum embraces SoTA humanity’s knowledge, skills, and abilities based on our research results and the most recent versions of international engineering and management standards.

Our Principles

For our students, we master thinking by modeling in accordance with three generations of systems thinking: project operations (1.0), project operations in the course of the lifecycle (2.0), and our project lifecycle in the course of multiple lifecycles evolution (3.0).

and scale free

Applicable models, provided by our one-of-a-kind methodology, help navigate the development of any system using an appropriate level of abstraction.


We teach one to be fit for any activity by adjusting dynamic interactions between their brain and body using the latest neurophysiology achievements.


Life-long learning is not an end in itself. The open-ended mindset of our students drives them to make changes on a personal scale, in their private daily life and career path.

Multifunctional exocortex

We scaffold the biological capabilities of our students, augmenting their intelligence and calibrating their attention by using external computational means.


Our institute is our community distributed all over the planet, and we support, nurture, and develop it using the best DAO practices.

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