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Systems Thinking Workbook

Applied cases and and exercises on systems thinking
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Level up your modeling ability using systems thinking frameworks. This course contains tables that help you formalize the thinking skills you got by learning the “Open-Endedness” educational program courses.
About the course

Advanced Level

Systems Thinking and Ontologics and Communication courses are required

Self-paced learning online course

2-3 months to complete
(suggested pace of 10-15 hours/week)


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What this course teaches

How to apply systems thinking concepts and model project’s operational activity.

What tasks will the course help you to solve?

Improving the quality of understanding of our courses

The course contains all the models of the "Open-Endedness" educational program. Using them you will learn to model the projects you are participating.

Setting a skill of modeling using systems thinking concepts

The course will help you take the first step: to connect different system concepts with each other using training examples and find the studied system concepts in personal and work projects.

Enhancing labor outlook

During the course, you will meet various domains' roles, practices, and deliverables. A good understanding of a particular domain does not guarantee an understanding of its connection to engineering, entrepreneurship, and management. Systems thinking requires a lot of communication with agents performing a number of roles. Understanding their interrelation is key.

Systems thinking mastery base development

To develop your own skills, you need to constantly work on increasing the scale of the tasks. As you become more advanced in working with the workbook, you will develop the ability to solve simple problems in the chosen domain. Do not be afraid to take on an ambitious project. You will develop as a professional if you achieve impressive results.

The course is designed for

Students and Graduates of EEMI

Concerned about career guidance. Who are willing to articulate their ad-hoc educational trajectory and carry out a personal digital transformation.

Course Content
More than 64 models in 10 sections of theoretical descriptions
  • Section 1. System
  • Section 2. Roles
  • Section 3. System types
  • Section 4. Areas of Concern, System Levels, Chains of Enabling Systems
  • Section 5. System Modeling
  • Section 6. Needs, Requirements, and Architecture
  • Section 7. Practice
  • Section 8. Life Cycle 2.0
  • Section 9. System Scheme and Eight Alphas
  • Section 10. Life Mastery
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Our Graduated Students
Open-endedness educational program

We provide our educational program for you to become
self-collected in mind and body and understand ontology, communication, and systems thinking.

EEM Institute is engaged in strengthening the intelligence of its students so that they can quickly navigate future projects and be successful.

We broaden our students horizons to a range of professional areas of interest including management, systems engineering, and entrepreneurship while showing how systems thinking forms the foundation for all of these professional topics. This will help you create and operate multi-disciplinary projects.

The program includes:

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